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      Q: When will my order be shipped? 

      A: We ship everyday Monday-Friday. We do not ship on weekends. 

      Q: Does the DabCap work with duckbill shaped mouthpieces? 

      A: Yes! The DabCap’s patent-pending design features a unique interior trench that allows for a perfect seal, with either round or duckbill tipped CCELLS.

      Q: How does the cartridge operate while inverted?

      A: CCELL cartridges have very large interior ceramic wicks. These wicks hold nearly .2g of oil when fully saturated, which allows for the user to draw several large hits before needing to re-saturate. Additionally, quality distillate should be viscous enough that it rarely drips down within the duration of use.

      Q: Do the YOCAN coils drip wax while inverted?

      A: Not at all, when used properly. We recommend ALWAYS preheating your wax with a few short clicks of the activation button. This will melt the wax down and saturate the coils, ensuring no drip while in use.

      Q: Why run a cartridge through a water-pipe?

      A: The same reason you would smoke flower from a water-pipe! Water filtration allows for larger, fuller hits. The larger hits results in more flavor, stronger effects, a much smoother experience. 

      Q: Where do I put my DabCap on my piece?

      A: Remove bowl piece/banger, and use the DabCap directly on your piece’s downstream. The DabCap is compatible with both male and female pieces.

      Q: Can I use the DabCap as a carb cap?

      A: While the Original DabCap is made of a temperature resistant silicone, we do not recommend using it as a carb cap. Our SpinCap is designed to be used as a carb cap!