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Introducing The SpinCap by DabCap

Here to change the dab experience once more, we offer the SpinCap. The SpinCap is a metal carb cap precision engineered with five airflow channels, creating a vortex of air inside your banger. The resulting vortex spins terp pearls at incredible speeds, and can even swirl concentrates in a banger as well. 

  • Versatile Design: We designed The SpinCap with versatility in mind, and we're proud to say The SpinCap is compatible with nearly any banger (our competition can't say the same). Each SpinCap has four vortex channels, and one carbing channel on the top.
  • Premium Materials: Machined in the same shop as airplane parts, we spared no expense on the SpinCap. 
  • Value: Every SpinCap will come with two Terp Pearls
  • Indestructible: Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, and then anodized to seal the surface of the metal - the SpinCap can handle anything! Sure to survive any drop it occurs, and is safe from off-gassing up to 1700*F (way beyond the safe temperature of dabbing).
  • Every SpinCap comes in a discrete pop-top container (keep your SpinCap safe, or reuse the container for other purposes!). 
  • Made in the USA.
  • NOT meant for cold-starts. Do not leave on hot nails.
  • MUST BE 18+ YEARS OF AGE TO PURCHASE. For tobacco use only.